Keyshot Demo Version - Trying New Things.

General / 06 December 2020

Long Time.

Hello kind fellows of ArtStation, I have been super busy finishing some jobs and commissions but I got some time getting a new render engine because I want to get my stuff to the next level related to concept works, I have been very focused in game ready art and that stuff but sometimes I got jobs related to concept design or concept art and Keyshot can be a huge game changer related to that, for sure I will do a YT video about that very soon but here I can show some result with the demo.

This is my YT channel for upcoming reviews, sales and of course tutorials.

I deeply love the result because you can easily use the Zbrush bridge to Keyshot and you can save hours and hours of work in the re-topology work so I'll be exploring even way more the app.

Take care guys, thanks a lot for the support to you all so I'll be reaching the 1k followers very soon so thanks again to all.

Til next post.

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