Beware of Scam Out There - A Must Read Blog Post

Article / 05 July 2020

Hello guys, hello to you all out there.

I'm back and this time is not a new product or something like that, I know I used to post more stuff here in the blog area of AS but I have become very busy doing several commissions at the beginning of this year that I have stopped completely the 1 year challenge, after 4 months of running the challenge posting a daily sculpt it resulted very good before the end of the year, but back to my real topic and the title. 

I'm no artist with tons of followers yet but I hope this reach someone struggling or receiving the same scamming email or just to inform to all that there is suspicios people out of ArtStation using the name of this huge community  to scam others.

The Real Thing.

Like two days ago I received an Email on my Gmail, a very normal email to be honest from a so called new client wanting my services and it was clearly saying that he or her (I don't know honesty) saw my profile on ArtStation and he or her wanted to give a me a project and if I was interested I just need to write back to that person, to be more clear I'll show you up the real email so I can give more layers of details to the topic.


Note: Some words or phrases are in Spanish because that's my main language on the email but specifically is just saying that I marked as spam the email address who was contacting me and you can check out the email and the title that clearly says "This is Kaspar From (" For that reason I take this very seriously because the real team from AS or a real client are not going to scam you as I'm going to show up next.

Back to the topic, I saw the email and for me at the beginning was legit I said onto myself "another client needing a job to get done" so to be more short and resume this, up next is my answer:


As simply as that I answered and the person answered me very late that night just telling me this nonsense and full of fantasy email:

And yes that's a non-clever scam very easy to notice that you are not going to receive from the nothing 4.5 million of dollars, common... I know I do scifi stuff but this is way out of the reality even out of the reality of the monsters that I make for living and believe me... I do crazy stuff related to sculpts and weird creatures and this email is way weird than all of my monsters together.

I clearly don't answer them I just press the spam button and block them there is no sense to believe this or follow the trail to it I just decided to not lose my time answering this email and I choose to aware others of what is happening out there related to scams.

To End This.

I know to the majority of you or all of the reader of this forgotten blog even a kid can see that there is a scam upcoming from this suspicious people but dear people out there, there is still people that is still getting scammed from the so called "My cousin the prince of Uganda is in trouble send me money and I will return you millions". Yes... Is sad but true and what scares me a bit is that this people is using ArtStation name and it's not fear because inside of this community there is a lot of good and amazing artist making their money to live here, building their community of followers here and so on and I do respect AS, this has been one of the most amazing digital universe to get you known.

No more to say, take care and I hope this blog post can reach someone or even better reach someone from the AS team and make a huge difference than me.

Best and til next time,

Diego. Z

Signal Fire Pt.2 - Chapter 3

Article / 12 October 2019


Welcome Back.

Welcome back to the blog thing, I'm welcome too, to keep this "writing therapy" I have started some weeks ago but enough of me in this episode, let's go straight to my main point.

The Main Point.

The last week chapters I was talking about just a bit about what inspires me to sculpt, or the ideas I depict through my sculpts, the true is that I'm a kind of writer, not a professional one of course, but I enjoy a lot writing and depict the factory of ideas that is placed in the back of my head. Been too young I started to write after seen a movie that totally change my vision and imagination when I was 11 years old, the name of the movie is Gattaca, the premier of this movie was in 1997, I saw this movie for the first time in 2003, 6 years after the release of it, thinking about it right now it was a very mature movie for me because this sci-fi movie doesn't have all the explosions, shootouts, colors and blinding lights from the most popular sci-fi movie back in that time, but this movie made a huge change on me about how to look at the future, it's not all adventure and resolving quest, and yes it was too much time after that famous Popular Mechanic article from Star Wars that gave me the base idea to became who I'm today related in my profession, that magazine just showed me that a human been can draw and depict so much details with just a whole picture, but this time, this film was the last piece that I needed to totally dedicate my life to do what I love.

The premise of this film, a old one but very good in my opinion, is that this movie depict a closer future, a future more near to us, where genetics are the only thing that rule the world, and genetics turned into the most valuable thing for society, in this future science reach the possibility to create the perfect human being, even you can customize your own children before they born, selecting the skin color, hair color, eyes, athletic and so many other things, so the movie depict other main scenarios that are overwhelming and interesting because "acceptance" in your society was highly related to your genetics and the main character deployed one of the best ways to mock on it and reach his dream to explore the galaxy someday. The movie is more complex and it have more layers to keep exploring but this blog is not a "movie review".

The signal Fire.

Why I'm talking about this? because beyond the drama and the suspense of the film, there are tons of graphical, concepts and designs that complements the story and the tone of the movie perfectly, at the end of the movie I remember to be amazed and intrigued, I wanted more, and my mind started to create more alternative endings and even I started to imagine a second movie, that was the beginning of my habit to grab a pencil and a paper to write, just to write and write, sketch non-senses, little monsters, devices, armors, spaceships, just everything that was projecting in the back of my mind, there born another part on me related to poetry and personal stuff but I'm going just to write here about how it affected me in the artistic way, years going by, growing older and there started to come more complex and well based ideas as I was growing older, this helped me to create the base and the concept of a novel that I'm still writing and developing, and then came other side stories, I wrote two sci-fi shorts, I'm developing another novel besides the main one, all of them related to my ideas about the future, the near future and the future much more beyond than our lives can show to us. 

This challenge that I'm running everyday is based on those stories, and based on new stories too, because I discovered through digital sculpt that I can say stories through it, turn words into images and visual concepts, after so many words I'll show a few sculpts that are related to my stories, that are enough for me to keep sculpting everyday, several people through this challenge process have asked me "where did you get the ideas, do you use references" because I'm sculpting and rendering everyday something and like I said all is in the back of my head and based on the stories I have been writing, of course I get inspiration through other artist like everyone but I rarely use references or something like that, my work flow is just basically put the object, push the button Make Polymesh3D and then I just sculpt remembering the stories, the ideas and the sketch I make sometimes.

Finally the images:

The Human Hunter - Concept

Make the first appearance in the story when the main character is ambushed by this machine in company of the New Mars Soldiers. The concept behind it that this mech is designed to find and capture dedicated objectives or small groups.

New Mars Soldiers - Concept Armor

The first enemy that the main character confronts in a close combat, this enemy character have this particular color because the main concept of this soldier is to depict royalty and elite. The main character confronts them in a abandoned laboratory becoming the first battle of the story.

Vision°1 - Concept

This is part of a dream I had long time ago and I decided to blend my vision with the main character story, this "demon" vision appears for the first time when the main character is on the ground between the debris or ruins recovering the strength to escape the main character see this walking demon as a vision beyond the flames and the destruction that leaves the ambush behind.

Vision°7 - Concept

Another dream that I blend on this story, but this is a vision that I describe in a further point of the novel, the main character in a wrath episode after destroying everything around her, her mind project this creature as a vision besides her, just showing all the destruction that she made. This sculpt turned into my first post in SketchFab, the is more information about the concept in the 3D live model I made on SketchFab.

An Small Change.

This last I think I made the last change on the identity of the brand that I'm building here, this time is more simple and a bit minimal, more clean and easy to digest. This is something good because after a long time I'm using all the things I learned by myself when I was back in my university, is really good and satisfactory be able to create and redesign of my identity skills (I think) and next post I'll show the progress of it, how was it in the beginning. 

Will be very fun to compare it with old versions.

Even I changed the layout and configuration to my work and posts on the social media.

And for other social media post.


This post has become a long one and I must end it here, but before that I need to put here that you can check a more updated day by day post of the 365DAYCHALLENGE I'm doing at my Instagram account:

Til next Friday.