New Digital Product: 30 OrganicAlphas ForAvantGarde JewelryMaking

General / 12 February 2021

HELLO WORLD PT2. - Link of the product:

All of this experience left me with a personally made alpha pack feat Obscure Studio:

As seen on my store, another new product that become one of my hardest challenge so far, and it's getting out of comfort zone (because lots of artist think that's difficult to do) but for me was one of the best experience ever, because I got myself into the jewelry making world and it's mind blowing.

Skills are always coming and going (sort of) and this special time has been unique for me because it have greatly improved my organic sculpture level and that's all I need.

Hired and guided by: everything went smooth and better as I though so here is the link of the company so feel free to check out and wait for more :D

Some samplers:

Again til next post and I'm glad that you look at it til the end, feel free to click the sign :)